It IS the Little Things

Listening to the lowing of the longhorn cattle in the rancher’s field behind my house this morning makes me just…sigh with a deep pleasure that only comes with contentment.

And I AM content.

Contentment comes, I believe, from a place of gratitude. The older I get I realize that it doesn’t really take much to bring that contentment to the forefront of my mind. Joy IS found in the small moments of one’s life. In fact, I would say that the joys of life can only truly be found in the itty bitty, heart-grabbing moments of the day.

For me, examples of these moments are: A video sent by my DIL of my youngest granddaughter playing with and trying to eat the hair of her daddy.

Watching my eldest granddaughter yank cherry tomatoes off of the vine and pop them into her mouth for a healthy, unexpected snack.

Photos of my grandsons smiling as the youngest learns to stand on his own and the oldest discovers that diaper cream is a pretty cool thing to spread over his body. Lol

What other moments bring joy to me?

Those cattle! Cardinals that fly across my path when I’m walking. Finishing a new bag on the sewing machine that has been fixed…finally!

Selling and closing on our old home. A video from a friend showing a placid lake where they are enjoying the day.

Mom sharing her day with me. Walking the pups and watching them crash out because they are so tired. Noticing new flowers in the fields as I walk.

Reading the Bible in the morning and saying prayers of thanks all day long.

A call from my daughter or son just to share their day.

Shopping for new clothes because I’ve FINALLY gone down a size…it’s only been about 15 years! Woo hoo!

A good glass of red wine or two fingers of a good bourbon at the end of the day.


Right now? My back porch and the sound of a woodpecker looking for food in wood that is not my home!! 🤣🤣

On those days where a smile is hard to find, news is always bad, you are just too worn out and life is just too sad remember that “Weeping May endure for the night but joy come in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

What are you grateful for in THIS moment? Look for that something today and smile!! It IS there!!

God is there making it possible for you.

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