Will We?

Today, I woke to an overwhelming sense of sadness.

I have not posted since early September. It’s just been a hard season. If truth be known, I have awoken to a deep, almost paralyzing sadness and grief many mornings. Yes, many, if not most, of them have been associated with the loss of Steve and the feelings of loneliness that accompany his leaving. But…I had heard that the second year following the loss of a spouse is often more difficult than the first, so I should have been somewhat prepared, if not always ready to deal, with all of the feelings that go with grief.  I wasn’t.

Lately, however, I struggle with the sadness that comes with all of news surrounding the new virus that has decimated other countries and is now impacting my own.

COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, has caused our country to almost completely shut down. Businesses deemed nonessential cannot open their doors, people in many parts of the country are now required to wear masks while out in public and children cannot go to school.

Is this necessary? I don’t know. But it is our new reality.

People have lost their jobs. More will.

Businesses have closed. Still more will.

Schools…closed. Proms and parties…canceled. Graduations…canceled.

Social distancing is the new phrase.

Our way of life has completely changed and, at this point, we have no idea when our lives will return to normal. I suppose that the over-arching question is, will our lives ever return to normal?

This morning, the knowledge that children cannot go to school for the rest of the school year hit me hard and I just sat in bed and cried. Kids need to be with other kids. They need the very social interaction they are being denied to grow strong and kind and independent and whole.

Teachers of these children are struggling, too!  They are learning new skills in order to teach online but it simply is not the same.  They need to be able to look into the eyes of each student and know that they have connected with that child. They need to be able to pat their students’ shoulders, hug their necks, inspire creativity, and touch their hearts as they teach them all the things they need to teach.  Virtual teaching and learning just isn’t the same as teaching and learning in a real, humanity-filled classroom.

Today, I am so incredibly sad for all of us but I choose to believe that things will improve.

Today, I pray that each of you will find a way to make your day a happy one. Reach out today to give encouragement to someone in need or if you need some for yourself…reach out and ask someone for a little help and encouragement.

So, before I disappear into my sewing room to make more masks for friends, family and clients I am going to read my Bible, pray Psalm 91 to the heavens and pray that this virus dies out quickly so that we can soon gather together without fear, hug and kiss each other and love each other in person.

We WILL get through this difficult time. We WILL be victorious! We are NOT alone.


4 thoughts on “Will We?”

  1. Praying with you (Psalm 91) and for you during this difficult time. I think the pandemic is also bringing out the good in people. For example, my neighbor posted on our Next Door app that she needed Lysol and did anyone know where she could get some. Someone messaged her for her address and left a can of Lysol on her front porch!😊 Remember that Mr. Rogers’s Mom told him to look for the helpers in times of tragedy. You Laura are helping so many people by making masks for them!😊 God is with you and will never leave you. He loves you and and all of you friends and family love you. We are here for you (especially when you are feeling sad)!😍❤️😘 Love and virtual hugs, Vava


    1. Thank you so much, Vava, for your sweet words of encouragement. You are so right! So many people are stepping up for each other and that is what will get us through this mess. God is, indeed, with us and will never leave us. Hug your boys for me!


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