Be Victorious not a Victim!

It has already been a busy month and we are only 18 days into August.  It has been so hot here that you can literally fry an egg on the driveway.

The fence that Steve had wanted is finally going in.  The young men who are installing the fence have been doing so in temperatures topping out at 102 degrees.  They are the sweetest, kindest and hardest working young men I have seen in quite a great while.  Even after they have worked in the God-awful heat for 8 or more hours, they still manage a genuine smile and a wave when they leave for the day.  “We’ll see you tomorrow, Miss Laura!” puts a smile in my heart and on my face every single time.

After watching these young men toil away for the past several days and through conversations with the 23 year old ‘boss’, I find myself inspired and filled with hope for our country’s future.  Each of these young men have struggled with various difficulties and yet you would not know it from their demeanor.  One immigrated from a different country when he was a young boy.  Making new friends and learning a new language is not easy, you know!  Another lost the vision in one of his eyes through an accident with a BB gun when he was nine years old.  The third started a business when he was in middle school to help out at home.  He worked his businesses throughout high school and sold it so that he could afford to return to school and receive his degree.

I’ve not heard one word of negativity from these young men as they work to build my fence.  Their eyes light up when they talk about what they are creating (my fence), high school memories…friends and family.  I look at them and see positivity, friendship, perseverance and hope for their futures.   They inspire me!!

I wish more people could be like these young folks.  Too often I hear excuses for why a person isn’t getting ahead in their careers/jobs, why their money isn’t lasting, why they can’t exercise or even walk around the block (if you are ill, I am NOT talking about you).  I hear people blaming others, their bosses, their upbringing or life circumstances for their lack of success.

Question:  Do you want to be a victim or do you want to be victorious?

If you want to be successful and live your life to its fullest, here are a few habits or thought-patterns that other people, who are much smarter than me, believe that you must first overcome/master:

  • Stop blaming other people and/or negative life events for your troubles.  I believe that your thoughts and memories have value and that those people or life events hurt and caused you great pain but if you want to get ahead and move forward then you must let the anger, hurt, resentment, disappointment and bitterness go.  If necessary, seek guidance from a counselor, friend or pastor to help you with this.  You are NOT a victim unless you choose to be.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, their clothing, cars, homes and kids.  Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of joy.”  Be happy for other people’s success and get out there and make your own.  Go back to school, change jobs,  learn a new skill set, take on an extra job or side hustle, spend more time with your kids.  Whatever the issue is…work to fix it.  Be responsible for your life, your choices, your decisions, your action plan.  Be the victor!
  • Stop believing that you are the only one that is hurting or who is having a tough time!  You’re not! You are not alone in this place called life.  Those very people that you are envious of have hurt and been hurt. Many hurt still.  They may look great on the outside and they may appear to have had everything handed to them on a silver platter but I guarantee that many, if not most, are working hard to get and keep the lives they have and want.  If you want something different for your life make a plan and go get it!  Meet with a financial person, save money, get rid of that debt, be kind to people you meet, treat others as you wish to be treated, be the best employee you can be, help others…stop making excuses, work hard and be positive!  Be victorious!

Let go of the past that hurts and tethers you to mediocrity.

Let go of regrets that keep you wallowing in a guilty mire.  You cannot change the past.  Apologize if you need to and then move forward!

Let go of the jealousy, the blame and anger that pushes away the joy that could be yours!

Grab hold of today with both hands!   Jump out of that bed and face the day with a smile, a sense of purpose, hope for the future and the willingness to take on whatever the day has in store with joy, perseverance and hard work!

The world is YOUR oyster!  Open it!  Be the Victor!


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