A Bit of Family Time

I never sleep well in hotel rooms.  If I’m being truthful, I rarely sleep well anywhere!  That being said, I woke early on Thursday morning, my final one of my visit here in Allen.  I love coming to visit my son and his family but I HATE the leaving part.

We’ve had a great visit.  Day 1 was a “hanging out” day.  Landon and I took a walk, we went shopping for dinner, held and fed Kennedy and just soaked them all up!  Day 2, Mama had a work thing to attend so MiMi, Daddy, Landon and “Baby Seeester” went to LegoLand and the Aquarium.  LegoLand was fun but LOUD.  The aquarium; however, was the best.  Landon loved the fish, eels, sting rays, sea turtles, etc.  We saw Dorie and a school of “it’s Nemo’s family”!  We missed Mama but she had fun, too!

Baby Elf, Kennedy, is growing by leaps and bounds.  She smiles almost all of the time!  She loves to look at people and is so responsive when you talk to her, make noises and laugh!  Man, this little barrel of grins does have a temper though!  When she gets ticked off…Katy bar the door!  She has a mind of her own and I cannot wait to watch her grow up into the person God intends her to be.

Landon…oh, Landon!  This boy stole my heart when he was born and he still holds it solidly in his little toddler hands.  Since day one this little guy has been happy.  He loves to laugh and play and wants to have your undivided attention!  He is three and the independent little dude has a seriously wicked sense of humor and is beginning to test his limits.  Whenever you hear, “Sorrrrrry Daddy” or “Sooorrrry Mommy” you know that he’s planning to do what HE wants, not what he’s been told to do.  It’s kind of like apologizing before doing whatever he’s been told not to do.  He cracks me up!

I love just hanging out with the family, telling stories, bath time, reading books at bedtime (when allowed by Little Man), daytime adventures, BBQ, drinking wine with Kendall or bourbon with Matt late into the evening, taking candid photos (Matt…hee hee) and just soaking up their lives for a couple of days.  It makes me happy to see that their little family is doing so well!  Next time…Kendall will be in all of the photos.  I didn’t get even ONE of her!  )-:

I’ll be on the way home in a little bit, sad to leave but looking forward to my next visit.   

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” –Friedrich Nietzsche


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