It’s Not Even Noon, but I’m Calling it a Great Day!

Man!  It has already been a fabulous day and it is only noon!

I opened FB this morning and one of my favorite photos of Steve and me was on my Memory link.  I love this photo!  Steve rarely smiled for pics but he did grin for this one and it made my day then, May 1, 2015, and it made my morning today!  Love you still, Babe!


This past weekend Lauren convinced me to join her and run the Half Marathon in SA on December 8th (I think that’s the date)!  Even though I will have turned 59 years old by that date and I am NOT in marathon condition, I responded with a resounding, “Yes”!  I still need to sign up but I HAVE already set out a plan of action!  Today was my first two mile run/walk…I finished in 30 minutes exactly and that was after taking Darla home after the first 3/4 mile!  I’m okay with a 15 minute mile.  More than okay, actually!  If I keep working my plan, this old lady WILL be ready for the half in December!

Two new birds, ones that I have never seen before, came to visit my sparse garden this morning.  I admit, I was rather impolite to them when I told them to “Go away”!  Wellllll, (put a squeaky whine in that word) they were looking just a bit too longingly at my healthy green beans plants.  As they few off, I drew in my breath sharply as they were BEAUTIFUL!  Their jet black bodies with orange/red and yellow coloring on their wings brought me up short!  I did a bit of research and think that they were Red-Winged Blackbirds.  Sooooo pretty.

Then, as if all of the above was not enough, I walked out to look at the part of my garden that is overgrown with weeds.  I was trying to get up the gumption to start pulling those weeds so that I could plant some more veggies.  As I looked at one corner, I saw a bright red color.  I bent down to get a closer look and, lo and behold, it was a berry!  I looked around a bit more and there were red and purple/black berries all over that corner of the garden!!  I took some photos and put them out on FB to get some help with identification and I also did a little research online (Yup, I research!).  Some folks thought they were blackberries but most believed them to be dewberries.  I kind of think they are dewberries but I also think there are some canes that look similar to blackberry canes.  I will go out and look more closely in a bit.  Long story short, I picked all of the purple berries and I gathered over a cup and a half of the beauties!  They are sweet but quite tart, which I love!

The hummers are out in force and I am praying for the rain that forecasters have been promising for days!

God has certainly blessed me this morning with many little gifts that seemed to have simply dropped out of the sky.

Pleasssseee…I know how busy you are, but take a couple of minutes today, just a couple, to stop, breathe deeply wherever you are and drink in the beauty of God, His creations, His gifts to you and know that you are loved beyond measure!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”  James 1:17

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