The Joy of Being Outside

Sometimes all it takes to be joyful is to get outside!  

Last night I decided to try to start my riding mower, named Darth, which had not had a key in the ignition since October!  I fully expected, not happily, to have to purchase a new battery.   Guess what?  Darth’s engine turned over with a vibrant roar!  So, I excitedly mowed the front lawn.

Today, I got up, took the pups for a brisk walk and then spent the rest of the day mowing, weed-eating and planting!  I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass, the warm sun beating down on my shoulders and bright new flowers looking up at me!

I LOVE working in the dirt.  I consider the day a huge success when I go inside at the end of the work session, dirt under the fingernails, leaves and cut grass in my hair and down my shirt, arms and face slightly sunburned!  Oh yeahhhhhh…

Today was a stupendous success and I am filled with great joy!


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