The End of the First Year…and a Beginning

Today’s weather is a repeat of this day last year. Cool breeze, bright and sunshiny! Last year, we were laying you to rest my sweetheart. So many people, family, friends and colleagues of yours and of mine came to celebrate you and support us. For being such a beautiful day it was bittersweet.

On this day, one year ago, the kids and I were at the cemetery. Today, I sewed a couple of Easter baskets and put them in the mail. I’m now sitting outside at one of our favorite wineries drinking a lovely Malbec while listening to music and thinking of you.

Today has actually been a good day. This past weekend was the worst (except that Lauren came over to spend time with me) but today…today is just a reminder that the first year of this journey has officially come to a close. Life will get easier but will never be easy.

Mom is coming over this evening to spend the night because I’m going to drive to La Grange with her tomorrow morning. We will eat dinner at Pecan Street and maybe even enjoy a new brew. So when I leave here in a bit, I will return home to clean a little before she arrives.

A sincere recommendation from me to you: Do not take for granted the people you love! Ever! Even when their behavior annoys you, when they hurt your feelings, disappoint you or totally piss you off, take a moment to remember why you love them so much and appreciate the gift of love that has been given to you.  You never know when that gift will be taken away.

For now…I’m going to enjoy the cool breeze, people watch and recall, with a smile, our lives that we shared with you!

Have a great weekend


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