I’m Happy Happy…yes, I Am!

Okay, well, maybe not Haaappppy Happy, ecstatic happy, but I am happy today, nonetheless.

It has been raining all day and that nearly always puts a smile on my face (as long as I see a little sunshine within a week, I’m good!) but, I digress, that isn’t why I’m Happy, HAPPY today.

I have had sooooo many problems with my sewing machines lately that I honestly told my mom that I was seriously considering throwing them out and never, EVER sewing again.  For example, I wanted to embroider some cute kitchen towels for my friend, Deb, to give as a house-warming gift.  What should have taken about an hour and a half to make took, literally…are you ready for this…10 hours to make!!  TEN HOURS!  Yes, I did finish them.  Yes, I did tell her how long it took to make them.  I wanted her to really appreciate them.  Lol

Just one more example for you, I’ve been trying to quilt a baby blanket for two weeks.  It has given me fits.  The thread breaks and breaks and breaks so that I cannot get a good, steady stitch going.  Ugh!  I had to put the quilt away for awhile to keep from ripping it up and throwing it away!

Last night, I needed to get a wall hanging pieced and quilted.  It just HAD to get FINISHED as I promised the person who ordered it that I would have it ready for her prior to September 17th!  So, I sat down at my machine and prayed over that silly thing.

“Please work!”

Applause please!

I pieced the the project with no difficulty at all.  I made the quilt sandwich, looked over at the machine and, as I changed out the presser feet, I prayed over it again.

“Please, Lord. Let it work!”

Hallelujah!  Praise Jesus!!  I had no problems at all and quilted that baby so easily.

So…I’m happy.  I made progress on three projects and I think they will all turn out well.  Photos of the baby blanket and the wall hanging are forthcoming as I still need to bind them. But below are the two towels that took 10 HOURS!


Find a little something to make YOU happy today!

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