My daughter-in-law’s grandfather passed away last week. The funeral was on Saturday so I boarded the dogs and drove up to be there for support.

I really was not needed at all as they have a large, loving family that does what all great families do best…they circle the wagons and take care of their own. It was wonderful to be a witness to that first hand and it did my heart good to see that my son is in great hands. He married into a supportive and kind group of folks who, I know, will be there to help out whenever they are needed.

While I was up in North Texas for the funeral I was able to spend a couple of days with Matt and his family. Matt showed me around where he works, Kendall I talked about reality shows, kids, money and such and I played with Landon…not enough, of course. He is just precious, “Imi (for MiMi), you sit here!” “Sit right here!” “Come play with me!” “Hide (with) me!”

So demanding!!

So stinkin’ cute!

So filled with joy…all day long!

He makes my heart soar.

Of course, so does his daddy. Even under the grown up beard, broad shoulders and tall stature, I still see the little guy that he once was. The dimples peeking out from under all that facial hair, the bed head (hair untamed and sticking up in all directions), the sideways glances when I say something ridiculous or when he wants to “stealthily” see what I am thinking, the little fingers clutching his Game Boy (now the iPhone) playing his games, his excitement when sharing the day’s events and his delight at showing me what he has done/made/accomplished…all that Matt was when he was an itty-bitty still shines  through his adult eyes to remind me of the best times of my life!

Bodies may get bigger but the little children inside all of us remains.



Good stuff!!


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