Bucket Lists

A few days ago, as Steve sat in his easy chair, I mentioned that since he was feeling better we needed to start making a list of places we wanted to go visit and things we want to do. A bucket list of sorts. He rolled his eyes and said, “We’ll see!”

I thought, “Ha! No, my sweet, we WILL!”

Most people I know have some kind of bucket list … a “To Do” list, if you will, of future activities. Personally, I think making a bucket list is important! We have written several lists over the years only to misplace them (my turn to roll the eyes). The lists always turn up again after we’ve rewritten a new one. As it turns out not one of the lists were the same. In fact, while each list may have had one or two overlapping activities/things to see, each subsequent list has been almost completely different from the previous one.

So, if the list changes as often as we brush our teeth, why make a bucket list at all? Well, for us, creating a bucket list is a way to acknowledge that there are things we want to do and there are places we want to experience before we can no longer do so. The list helps us to prioritize, plan and save for each activity.

I used to think that the bucket list should be unchanging, the “must dos” and “must sees” would remain the same until the end. I mean, the list in the movie, The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman never changed! Shouldn’t our bucket list remain the same until its completed or until we die? Our list seems to change as often as we do. As various life events happen, as we grow and our interests change, the list adapts, as well.

Since Stevie is feeling better, we begin again…

Spend a month in Ireland.
Visit every state in America.
Hike the Grand Canyon.
Eat at one Diners, Drive In and Dive locations in each…
Learn to…
Drive a…
Eat at…
Fly a…

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