Joy in the Little Things

Rest assured, if you were to stop folks on the street and ask them, “What brings you joy or happiness” you would get innumerable responses.  Family, great job, money, nice house and spectacular vacations most likely would be the top answers.  For me, spending time with my family ALWAYS takes the top billing each and every day but there are other little things that bring joy to me as I wander through my day.

Last week was a busy one and this week promises to be even busier so it was wonderful that we had the opportunity yesterday to simply hang out at home.  I love spending time at home with the hubs and pups.  Sipping on my morning coffee while sitting on my back porch watching the pups play before the Texas sun turns up the thermostat is a favorite!

Bees bring me a lot of pleasure!


One of our lovely hives!  Look at the all of those ladies working hard for us!

Yes!  Bees.  I love watching them flit from flower to flower gathering nectar and pollen.  Listening to their gentle buzzing as they whip around my head just makes me smile.

Working on a new painting makes me happy, anxious and exhilarated all at once! I’m not a master by any means, but I love to create anyway.


In progress. LOTS still to do and correct! But…it’s fun!

Today joy will come from spending time with a good friend, my daughter and granddaughter as we laugh, engage in meaningful conversation and drink wine in one of the lovely Texas wineries.

These are just a few things to bring joy in my life…what brings you happiness?

Let us know!

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