Last week, while out watering the flower beds, I looked up and out at our yard. We are so very blessed to have more than a dozen lovely oak trees in our front yard and, as I admired their thick branches bobbing gently in the wind, my eyes focused on the moss growing on its branches.

An arborist once told us that the moss does not damage the trees but I have come to disagree. From my observations, the moss grows and slowly surrounds each branch, covering the bright green-gray leaves and strong, brown bark until the beauty is covered and the tree is sapped of its strength and beauty. The bark under the layers of moss become soft and weak while the core of the branch becomes brittle, stripped of life.

As I gazed at these gorgeous trees, I became angry that something so small could cause so much damage. Dropping the water hose, I walked over to the nearest tree and started to yank and pull the moss off of the limbs. With the removal of each moss ball, a portion of the branch was revealed. Sometimes limbs would break off in my hands but at other times I would uncover a tiny clump of green leaves. It was exciting to see that life continued to seek the sun even while surrounded by darkness. Finding those small green leaves gave me encouragement and I smiled and plowed ahead. I grabbed a ball of moss, pulled it away from the branch and tossed it to the ground. I repeated the action over and over!

It took several minutes, but when I finished stripping away the moss that covered that one branch I was amazed. Where once stood a tree with branches covered in gray darkness now stood a clean, gorgeous tree branch, new growth shining brightly and reaching for the sun!

I think people are much like that moss-covered oak tree. We start out shiny and full of hope and dreams. But then…life happens. Before we know it we find ourselves covered with ‘moss’. With each disappointment, betrayal, hurtful word, illness and lost dream we add another moss ball to our life covering our accomplishments, our dreams and our joy!

What is keeping you from experiencing joy today?

Is it fear of rejection? Is it a mistake from yesterday? Is it fear of change? Is it a person(s)? Is it a “what if”?

STRIP IT OFF!! Get rid of it!!

God created you and me for a specific reason. You are wonderfully made!  You were made to experience success! You were made to know love and happiness. You were made for joy!

Today, I challenge you to begin to strip away the moss in your life!  Uncover the beauty that  is you!

Step out from under the darkness!

Shine brightly!

Find your JOY!



On Joy Road is back with a new website In addition to my random thoughts and numerous opinions, I will share with you my paintings in oil and water color, baby items I make for Bundles of Joy by Laura and various DIY projects, as well as, our experiences with gardening and beekeeping. If you are ever interested in any of my creations, you can contact me at
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